Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Abuse of Power Reinstated

About mid January at 4 in the morning there was a knock at our door. My son's nurse answered and there were police with their guns drawn. They came through the lower level of my house. The nurse woke my son who woke my husband up who had been to the hospital for twelve hours with my daughter. My husband stood at the top of the stairs while the police officer yelled for my husband to move. My husband asked "what for." The officer claims he had an emergency call from our house someone screaming for help. Then the police officer miss quoted the 4Th Amendment. They didn't have a warrant. My husband stood there not letting him past. My three daughters where in their beds as well as myself. This one officer acted very much like a bully towards my husband. My husband protecting us stood at the top of the stairs. I recently saw an article about The DC government rehiring officer fired because of miss conduct(Washington Post Tuesday, May 20, 2008; Page B01). Here in DC many are afraid to call the police. You don't know who they will send. Later on my husband called the non emergency police number and found that 911 had been dial but their wasn't someone screaming for help. The nurse accidentally pressed the redial button. The number had been dialed earlier for my daughter. He not only misquoted the 4Th Amendment but he also lied. Where do you go for help in DC.? I have met some really nice police officers here don't get me wrong. I think being an officer in today's climate is very very hard and dangerous. I also feel that there are those with no morals, no manners and have violent tendencies. I wonder if their fellow officers worry about that conduct. Their are a lot of very very brave men and women who dedicates themselves whole heartily to this profession. I feel that it is a calling to be an officer. We already have to worry about the criminals now we have to worry about this small group of police too. I hope not.