Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today I spoke with my sister in law for almost 2 hours. I found myself planning in my head a trip to meet family who are scattered to the four winds of the US. With the gas prices rising, trips normally taken are being postponed or all together scraped. A friend of mine drives a large truck spending $400 a month in gas going back and forth to work. She wanted to buy a smaller car. Even so $300 something a month, and insurance for the car was still to much. The old car is paid for. What can hard working people do?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Potty Training

One of my relatives asked me about potty training being that I had five babies to potty train. For a while the subject would come up one way or another in our long distant phone calls. The only thing I could say to her is that the baby would let her know when he was ready to start to use the potty. She was in a hurry to stop with the diapers. I told her she should try the pullups. There are many types of disposable Cloth-like pants. My babies begain somewhere between the ages of 15 months and 3 years. Babies are little people with their own personalities and their own timing to do things.
My oldest son start showing signs when he was around 18 months. He would tug at his little diaper when he needed to make his poopy. We didn't have pull ups at that time. You are so lucky for that. We used training pants with the plastic on the outside which my son hated. By the time I blinked, he would appear before me with a naked bottom. All I could see was his little tushie running away from me, when he saw me coming to put the plastic back on him.That was hair pulling out time for me. Then I tried buying the traing pants that did't have the plastic on them. He was much happier but I was on serious poop alert.
I started making up games to play with him while he was on the potty. I put the potty in hallway of my apartment to make it easier for him to get to. We clapped hands with a Wee--ee you did it yell everytime he made it to the potty amd made a peep peep or a poopy. Sometimes I would lay on the floor beside him an read him one of his favorite story books. We turned on his fire engine with the noisey whistle and the red streaming lights. I became more relaxed as me went on. My husband got in on the act and would swoop him up into his arms after we cleaned his bottom off with hugs and kisses and a "that my little big boy."
My second son wanted to use the potty because he saw his big brother using it. They are 11 months apart. My youngest daughter potty trained at 3 years. She didn't care that her two older sister and two older brothers were going. She took her own sweet time. They all were different in their own way, they showed signs of being ready. My children were so cute together trying to help me with potty training one another. My eldest son taught me a lesson of patients while he was potty training. Each one of my five children added to that lesson. It was a journey we took together as a family. It became less stressfull with their little giggly laughs and clapping hands.